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Posted on 17 Apr 2021

“USPG collection 2020/21 has raised £410. Sincere thanks to all concerned."

Posted on 25 Mar 2021

Talking of worship, our Holy Week Zoom worships are;

Sunday 28th March – Palm Sunday at 10:00;

Meeting ID: 588 736 8957
Passcode: 123

Wednesday 31st March at 10:30 - our last Wednesday Lent Worship followed by ‘Lent ‘levenses’;

Meeting ID: 927 9031 5563
Passcode: 991451
For anyone who wishes to joint them, St Barnabas Zoom services are as followss:

Friday 2nd April – Good Friday at 19:00;

Meeting ID: 588 736 8957
Passcode: 123

Sunday 4th April – Easter Sunday at 10:00;

Meeting ID: 588 736 8957
Passcode: 123

We hope that you will be able to join us. If you can’t, Brecon Cathedral is offering a full week of Services on Facebook;

Posted on 22 Feb 2021

St John’s Update
Dear friends,
You will all be aware that the level 4 lockdown will be continuing for another 3 weeks, so unfortunately our services will remain suspended….however!!!!!!
I am delighted to tell you that the interior of our church has been re-ordered so as to enable us to hold worship when the restrictions have been eased. Tony Holt and I have moved all the pews to create a safe and legal space (see photographs here in the photos section, and on our Face Book page). The same restrictions with regard to numbers and facemasks will remain, alongside the other procedures we had in the hall, but this does give us hope that our celebration of Easter will be possible this year.
Good news, I am sure you will all agree.
Please stay safe and God bless you all.

Posted on 20 Feb 2021


Thanks to all who donated to our Christmas appeal. The amount raised was £265, a wonderful effort. The letter received from the charity, offers their deep gratitude to all, and they send their love and prayers to you all.

Posted on 12 Aug 2020

Don’t forget, if you wish to come to our service on a Sunday at 10.30 (weather permitting), and as numbers are still restricted, please phone Sue Steward on 879524, after 10.00am from teh previous Wednesday, to reserve your place.
Thank you all for your understanding at this time.

Posted on 28 Jul 2020

Another quick reminder that if you wish to come to our service next Sunday (02/08/20) at 10.30 (weather permitting), and as numbers are still restricted, please phone Sue Steward on 879524, after 10.00am from Wednesday 29/07/20, to reserve a place.
Thank you all for your understanding at this time.

Posted on 21 Jul 2020

Just a quick reminder that if you wish to come to our service next Sunday (26th) at 10.30 (weather permitting), and as numbers are still restricted, then please phone Alex on 927158, after 8.00am from Wednesday 22nd, to reserve a place.
Thank you all for your understanding at this time.

Posted on 25 Apr 2020

The Weekly Puzzle
This week we are joining the ‘virtual’ world, have you noticed that since the lockdown everything happens in the ‘virtual world’? We have virtual parties, virtual meals, and yes even virtual services. So, you are now invited to do a virtual tour of Gowerton – oh, and we even dip our toes into Waunarlwydd.
This is how it works. Below are a list of Biblically linked street names in Gowerton, in alphabetical order, the part of each name that is ‘speachmarked’ is spoken of in the Bible! There is also a list of Bible references referring to each road, all you have to do is match them up, be aware most of the thoroughfares have more than 1 quote. When you have done them, if you have a friend on any of the roads why don’t you ring them to say hello as you pass on your tour of the area.
Good luck.

Street names in Gowerton
‘Barnabas’ Place (Waunarlwydd- but very close to Gowerton )
Clos Cae ‘Dafydd’ (we’ve interpreted this as David! Both the English and Welsh versions mean ‘beloved’)
‘Cedar’ Close
‘Church’ Street
Ffordd ‘Butler’
‘Oakwood’ Drive
‘Mount’ Pleasant (For ‘Mount’ there are 3 mentioned in the Bible: Mt Sinai, Mt Zion, Mt Olives –so climb all 3!)
‘Rose’land Road (I could only find one reference to ‘rose’, some translations have ‘lily’ instead.)

Ephesians chap 5 verses 25-27
Isaiah 41:19
Genesis chap 14 verse 13
John 8:1
Job 40:22
Solomon 2:1
Genesis 40:1
Acts 13:22
Genesis 8:6-7
Galatians 2:1
Hebrews 12:22
Galatians 4:25
Revelation 14:1
Luke 12:24
Isaiah 44:4
Psalm 37:35
Genesis 40:5
Genesis 12:6
Zechariah 14:4
1 Kings 4:33
Isaiah 15:7
Matthew 22:42
Acts 4:36
Psalm 125:1
1 Chronicles 18:14
Colossians 4:10
1 Kings 17:4
Matthew 24:3
James 5 14-15
Luke 1:32
1 Corinthians 9:6
Leviticus 27:34
Deuteronomy 11:30
1 Chronicles 14:17
Leviticus 11:15

I hope you enjoyed our virtual walk around our parish can I suggest you now put your feet up and have a REAL cup of tea.

Posted on 25 Apr 2020

Julia’s Jottings (4)

Monday Bloomin’ heck this work lark really does get in the way, here am I trying to get all those ‘little extras’ done, I’m already behind on ‘normal’ housekeeping chores and now I’m moving between 2 computers –hubby’s in study (which in all fairness he does need to use occasionally) and daughter’s in dining room which rather restricts her jigsaw campaign. And yet, college continues to demand (and rightly so) my time. Ahhhh well at least I’ve confirmed I’m a people person and not a computer boffin, yep decided it’s much easier working alongside real people than faces on screen, I mean have to make sure background is suitable and my wardrobe appropriate.

Tuesday Deciding to pace myself with my panel of the Bayeux tapestry if I’m not careful I’ll have a full scale replica, slight snag don’t have enough wall space in Vicarage and not sure local cleric would want it to adorn the church walls.

Wednesday (evening) Younger offspring noted the wheelbarrow and gardening tools had been left close to the bluebells in very much of a Monty Don style, had to agree and what a wonderful gardener he is (Alex I mean)! Opposites clearly attract, he plants but I prefer destructive stuff.

Thursday Welcome phone call from little brother (erm decided to find new label well at 6ft and 56 years young and greying ‘little/baby’ no longer seem appropriate terms suppose younger is still valid) anyway wanted to speak to Vicar professionally!! Know when one is not required adopted semi-professional secretarial tone and handed him over.

Friday Ooops seem to be doing lots of things but none that are on my original list, does this mean I prioritised incorrectly or I’ve just put off the important things mmmm, see hubby hasn’t even realised glass cupboard has been reordered – had to explain pint glasses, then ½ pint then tall hi-ball followed by short ones, suspect I stand no chance with reorganised condiments!

Saturday Daughter stepping up to mark and helping with church grounds, initially sceptical about input - upon returning from emptying wheelbarrow she passed on tip that if wheelbarrow handles rest gently on the bench you sit on you can put your feet up without said gardening item tipping over. Having tested theory it does work. Ask myself why it took her so long to prove the theory – by the time she took over mowing I had completed ¾ of largest grass area.
N.B. So pleased she wasn’t in her greens – what with green mower on similar coloured surface I’d have never been able to keep check on her movements around lawn.

Posted on 25 Apr 2020

Julia’s Jottings (3)
Monday A little indulgence viewed ‘Escape to the Country’ – lovely but extremely happy in uptown Gowerton, nevertheless the show does provide parish with fundraising opportunities; for all those who want a large garden this Vicar’s wife would generously give BBC the opportunity to bring along escapees to do church grounds and Vicarage lawns – after all experience is education for the soul, and my experience tells me God DOES have a sense of humour :–
large ecclesiastical grounds +summer growing season = Wife mows grass, Hubby (local cleric) who has hay fever
Therefore charging BBC for privilege of giving others an a reality check that small lawns are beautiful raises church funds and gets job done  QED

Tuesday Washed my trendy ‘paperbag’ waisted trousers. Emptied washing machine to discover a fiver hanging out of one pocket – is this money laundering??

Wednesday Never have my knobs been so shiny (or indeed any of the other door furnishings). Do feel lockdown could have averted a potential disaster – after wandering into dining room spotted several cobwebs and realised a little more than a flick round with a duster was necessary, and eureka-task completed. Now have to hope current situation is resolved so that delayed Easter coffee bash can be held in Vicarage before it’s necessary for me to repeat the whole cleaning process again.

Thursday In accordance with plumber’s instructions tested new boiler by turning on every radiator. This included the one in my “signing cupboard” pastor Pye asked whether I was now ‘cooking the books’!!

Friday Resolved to reorganise seating for ‘Hands Together’ signing group when we resume, every member will be seated facing the window so they admire the ivy-free wall and because I will be outside they will have opportunity to practice and develop their receptive signing skills.

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